Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business In Education

Learning From Experience: Successes And Failures From 31 Former Ministers
Ediciones Paidós
• ISBN: 9789501203707
Inspirational, Policymaking, Global
How to improve education? Where to start? And does the pandemic represent a turning point? In May 2020, as the first steps of a tough quarantine began, Agustin Porres decided to put those questions on the table.

Who could answer them? In that search, he began to talk via Zoom with former ministers of education from all over the world, whom he knew from his work at the Varkey Foundation. But Porres did not want to hear only about their successes. Rather, he wanted to know the battles they had failed to win, the reforms they had left pending, the decisions they would not take again. And on the other hand, he wanted to know what concrete opportunities they saw presenting themselves in this post-pandemic scenario. The result is a frank conversation with world leaders in education.

The book is prefaced by Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills at the OECD and head of the PISA report, and features the voices of 31 world education leaders, including Arne Duncan of the United States, Julio María Sanguinetti of Uruguay, Ju Ho Lee of South Korea, Stefania Giannini of Italy, Daniel Filmus and Esteban Bullrich of Argentina, George Papandreou of Greece and Julia Gillard of Australia.

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